Sign up for a free driver account to find your optimal vehicle and help us solve the AI cold start problem – Release v.1774-beta

A big thanks to our invite only users and everyone else who asked how they can assist.

Here are 3 ways to help:

1. Signup for a free account (if you haven’t already)

Get started.

We are working through the cold start problem with our ai system. Additional users help us improve the quality of generated recommendations. Every time a new user joins driverbase the recommendation quality improves for everyone.

2. Invite a few of your friends to join & share the invite below to your social profile: is a new car search website that allows you to see all your car information in one place and get personalized vehicle recommendations. I was part of the early invite only program and they are now expanding access to free driver accounts. Thought you might want to use it to find your optimal vehicle:

3. Follow driverbase for future updates

Open a free account, add vehicles and driving routes to unlock recommendations

Once we make progress on this cold start issue we will be launching new features many of which will not require an account to use! A marketplace with vehicle listings, mobile apps, and a faster user experience that requires less setup time.

Login now to try out the latest improvements:

Release Note Summary
[improvement] Recommendations – personalized recommendation relevance score
[improvement] Vehicle Imagery – increased vehicle image coverage
[improvement] Webapp Performance – faster webapp performance
[improvement] Various interface and style improvements to recommendations and vehicles of interest pages
[fix] Signup – replace captcha with recaptcha for easier signup
[fix] Signup – resolved issue where some new users were unable to complete account signup

End-User Impact – login to test out the latest features. invite your friends to signup.

Need help? – If you have any signup or access issues please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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