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To begin, please rate the factors that are most important to you in a vehicle.

0: Practical Get me from A to B. 10: Launch! I want power & speed.
0: Unrestricted. Fuel efficiency is not important. 10: Ultra-Efficient. 50+ MPG Please!
5: Avg: Vehicles $20k - $35k
3: Conservative: Vehicles around $15k
0: Low: Vehicles Under $5k
7: High: Vehicles $50k - $75k
10: Maximum: $100k+ please
0: Basic Style isn't important to me 10: Grand My cars are works of art
0: Recalled. Airbags are optional, right? 10: Top Safety Picks. High safety ratings please!
0: Wrench. I can fix anything. 10: Swiss Watch. I want a low-maintenance car
0: Smaller. If I can juuust scrunch myself into the car, I'm happy 10: Hauler. I'm regularly carrying lot's of people or cargo.