Preferences Set your vehicle Preferences

To begin, please identify the factors that are most important to you in a vehicle

10: Zoom! I want my car to accelerate like a rocketship!
1: Snail. I can walk faster than my ideal car
10: Ultra-Efficient. 50+ MPG Please!
1: Gas Hog. I measure my car in gallons per mile...
10: Clean-Machine. Zero carbon footprint please
1: Smog City. I love carbon emissions
Price Level:
10: Frugal. I'd like to find a good deal on a car
1: Extravagant. I'll spend any amount for a car I like
10: Gucci. I'm physically attracted to my favorite cars
1: Thrift Shop. If it doesn't clash, it isn't me
10: Bomb Proof. High safety ratings please!
1: Recalled. Airbags are optional, right?
10: Ol' Reliable. I want a low-maintenance car that rarely needs a tune up
1: Flaky. I genuinely like cars that break down regularly
Utility and Cargo:
10: Hauler. I'm regularly carrying lot's of people or cargo. More space please
1: Smaller. If I can juuust scrunch myself into the car, I'm happy