Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Driverbase does not sell, rent, release, disclose, disseminate, make available, transfer, or otherwise communicate in writing, or by electronic or other means, a consumer’s personal information to another business or third party or other valuable consideration.

Driverbase only shares user information to facilitate core business services when a user elects to communicate or transact with a retailer on the Marketplace.

This form has been created to comply with CCPA which is required for business who:

1. generate $25 million or more in revenue
2. collect data from more than 50,000 CA residents each year
3. or make half (or more) of their annual revenue from selling information.

The following form is provided to ensure compliance with the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” regulations covering California residents.

Driverbase does not sell your information therefore filling out this form will not change how your private information is handled because we assume all users do not want their information shared without their permission.