Driverbase operates an automotive marketplace for buyers and sellers in the United States to buy and sell new, certified, and used cars, trucks, suvs and motorcycles.

Drivers can track vehicles of interest, save searches, receive price change and availability alerts, and connect with driver-centric dealerships in their local area.

The marketplace leverages a drivers profile to make it easier to compare vehicles from multiple brands and dealerships. It has also been integrated with the Prediction Engine so that vehicle recommendations are matched to specific inventory ranked based on each drivers unique profile.

Dealerships can create a free public profile and list new and used cars for sale on the marketplace. Vehicle inquiries and sales appointments are sent in ADF format to the dealerships CRM or as website referrals deep linked to the appropriate dealer website url.

OEMs publish nationwide new and certified inventory on the marketplace to increase exposure, search engine rankings and provide deep linking from inventory matched to a driver directly to the dealership website.

Where drivers and dealers meet to conduct sales and service transactions

New and Used Cars for Sale on the Driverbase Marketplace