Driverbase Release v.1429-beta

We received some great ideas and have already implemented many of the changes requested.

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1. Set vehicle preference settings on your driver profile
2. Adjust detailed vehicle ratings on the edit vehicle page for each of your garage vehicles
3. Add an additional garage vehicle to try a faster add vehicle experience

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Release Note Summary
[new] Profile/edit profile – new vehicle preferences radar chart to control your vehicle preferences
[new] Add/edit vehicle – new vehicle ratings radar chart allows more detailed vehicle ratings for each garage vehicle
[new] Recommendations – new page allows you to compare target vehicle preferences with current vehicles in your garage
[new] Recommendations – placeholder content area for your future vehicle recommendations
[improvement] Registration – improved user registration experience for faster account setup
[improvement] Add/edit vehicle – improved add vehicle action with optional field support for faster garage setup
[improvement] Visuals/charts – more consistent style for charts and visuals
[improvement] Tour – improved tour messages and layout
[fix] Navbar – resolve wrapping issue on tablet screen resolution
[fix] Various interface and style improvements to profile, driving, garage
[fix] Edit profile – cannot edit profile on certain mobile browser types
[fix] Mobile – optimized mobile experience

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