Driverbase integrates with Homenet Syndication and Offers Dealers Free Listings and Referrals

Homenet customers get access to free inventory listings and referrals on Driverbase throughout 2019.

Driverbase is a vehicle marketplace that provides drivers with personalized vehicle recommendations and connects them to local dealership inventory. Dealers using Homenet are invited to join the Driverbase Dealership Beta and automate the car search experience for car buyers.

“Homenet integration was one of the features most commonly requested by our beta dealer partners. It has been a pleasure working with the Homenet team to build support for inventory syndication. As part of this integration, Homenet includes dealer website vehicle details page urls which allows us to deep link from Driverbase listings directly to the dealer website vehicle details. This improves the car search experience by allowing shoppers to discover vehicles of interest on the marketplace and then transact directly through the dealership website.” – Dan Jackson CEO, Driverbase Inc.

Driverbase has developed a patent pending personalized vehicle recommendation system for drivers and today’s announcement accelerates the integration of dealership vehicle listings with Driverbase vehicle class recommendations.

The car search experience is getting more difficult

Car-buying journeys now include “900 digital touch-points in a 3 month period with 71% on mobile” according to a recent Google study. Drivers are owning vehicles for longer and prices are increasing so choosing the optimal vehicle is even more important.  The vehicle market has become more complex and fragmented with model lineup changes, new propulsion types, and autonomous driving technologies.

Why list inventory on Driverbase?

Driverbase is a free service that connects driver data, driving routes, and current vehicles to provide personalized vehicle recommendations in real time. Driverbase helps drivers discover the car that will maximize their ownership experience based on their unique situation.

  1. Mobile & SEO Optimized Marketplace inventory listings
  2. Mobile & SEO Optimized Dealer Profile listing in Dealer Locator
  3. Provide consumers with personalized vehicle recommendations based on their unique situation to help reduce the current (and expensive) 900+ touchpoints per car search
  4. Focus on optimal vehicle not “lowest price”
  5. Prominent dealer website deep links on VDP to encourage consumers to book direct with your dealership vs. submitting ADF leads on Driverbase
  6. Inventory included in vehicle recommendation engine that matches drivers w/ their optimal vehicle
  7. Full transparency (you can download your raw weblog file including sessions from all Profile / VDP / VLP visits).  One example use case is that you could import this audience data into your Google 360 Marketing Attribution system for independent analysis
  8. We respect dealerships and will never undermine your credibility in our consumer advertising.  Our goal is to be the most customer friendly marketplace available for both drivers and dealerships
  9. Free Dealer Beta Listings. As a member of the dealer beta you can list all your stores inventory for free throughout 2019
  10. Support new ventures working to fill the innovation void in automotive

Open a free Dealer Console account, claim your store(s), list your inventory, get ADF lead and dealer website referrals and monitor your audience with full transparency

More Information

Review the Driverbase Dealership Beta presentation for more information:

About Driverbase Inc.

Founded in 2018, Driverbase Inc. is an independent, data-driven car search platform. Our mission is to deliver a better car search experience. Driverbase has compiled vehicle information and implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to calculate the optimal vehicle recommendations for every driver.

Homenet is a Cox Automotive brand.