Year 1 @ Driverbase

This week we are celebrating our one year anniversary at Driverbase. I am excited to report on the progress we have made and share more information about our plans for the future.

Driverbase achieved substantial milestones over the last 12 months. In our first year of operation we:

Established an exceptional team of technical founders and are actively recruiting. Follow our current openings.

Systems & Infrastructure
Setup our infrastructure and a test driven development approach.

Vehicle Graph
Independently compiled a global mapping of all cars, suvs, light duty trucks and motorcycles. Over 500K+ unique vehicles are represented.

Manage your Garage
Built an application that allows drivers to see all their car information in one place and plan for their next purchase. Drivers can create a profile, add driving routes and current vehicles to unlock personalized vehicle recommendations.

Prediction Engine
Launched a personalized AI powered vehicle recommendation system that helps drivers own the right car at the right time. This system calculates the optimal vehicle for each driver based on their unique situation. It provides insights regarding which car to buy, where to buy, how to buy and when to buy.

Intellectual Property
Drafted and filed a utility patent for our Personalized Vehicle Recommendation System.

Driver Beta
Completed a driver beta program to get product feedback and make progress on the cold start challenge. Built an initial community of drivers.

Built an automotive marketplace for buyers and sellers in the United States to buy and sell new, certified, and used cars, trucks, suvs and motorcycles. Drivers can track vehicles of interest, save searches, receive price change and availability alerts, and connect with driver-centric dealerships in their local area. The marketplace leverages a drivers profile to make it easier to compare vehicles from multiple brands and dealerships. It has also been integrated with the Prediction Engine so that vehicle recommendations are matched to specific inventory ranked based on each drivers unique profile.

Dealer Console
Launched Dealer Console so dealers can create a free public profile and list new and used cars for sale on the marketplace. Vehicle inquiries and sales appointments are sent in ADF format to the dealerships CRM or as website referrals deep linked to the appropriate dealer website url.

Dealer Beta
Opened a dealer beta program to allow dealers to list their dealership and inventory on the marketplace.

Implemented support for integration with most major automotive technology partners.

Industry Events
Covered the New York Auto Show as a member of the press to conduct new model research. Represented Driverbase at NADA, JD Power Automotive Summit, Digital Dealer, and Driving Sales to establish key partnerships.

Why Driverbase Matters
I have been in the automotive technology field since 2005 and worked with the majority of OEMs, dealerships, automotive marketplaces and web providers.  This means I have been involved with most of the online consumer behavior in auto.  I believe there is an incredible amount of waste and the car shopping process is still time consuming and painful despite massive investments in digital marketing. Car- buying journeys now include “900 digital touch-points in a 3 month period with 71% on mobile” according to a recent Google study. Drivers are owning vehicles for longer and prices are increasing so choosing the optimal vehicle is even more important.  The vehicle market has become more complex and fragmented with model lineup changes, new propulsion types, and autonomous driving technologies.

Customer Focus
We aspire to be the world’s most customer-centric automotive technology company and are excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead. Thank you to each driver, dealership and oem for the opportunity to work for you.

Thanks to our team for the valiant progress.


Dan Jackson
CEO Driverbase Inc.

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About Driverbase Inc.
Founded in 2018, Driverbase Inc. is an independent, data-driven car search platform. Our mission is to deliver a better car search experience. Driverbase has compiled vehicle information and implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to calculate the optimal vehicle recommendations for every driver.