Driverbase launches mobile apps to help you decide which car to buy on iPhone and Android

Driverbase Car Search Mobile App Neural Network

Tools offer car buyers ability to leverage machine learning to automatically rank all makes and models and buy a car with fewer dealership visits

Great news for iPhone, iPad and Android users who search for cars and manage their current vehicles with Driverbase. There is now a new way to decide which car to buy on your mobile device. Driverbase already worked with mobile web browsers but the new apps give more control and quicker access to vehicle recommendations and inventory search. Amid the stay-at-home efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus, the importance of online vehicle shopping has continued to increase and in many states is now the only way to purchase a car.

The new apps allow drivers to set their unique preferences, rate a current vehicle and automatically search all vehicles to find their perfect match. Inventory has been aggregated to make it easier for drivers to search multiple dealerships from one place and then transact directly to get a price estimate, schedule a test drive and complete their purchase.

Personalized and automated car search helps drivers save time and make better decisions

Most car shoppers are undecided on which car to buy at the start of their search. It is inefficient and nearly impossible for shoppers to fully research every vehicle on the market with constant model lineup changes and evolving propulsion types. Today’s car search involves 900+ online touch points on traditional marketplaces and dealership websites as drivers struggle to make an informed decision. Driverbase lets customers harness the power of machine learning to automatically rank all makes and models based on their unique situation.

Shop new, certified and used cars from multiple dealerships in one place

Drivers can search vehicle listings that cover all makes and models in most major markets. Driverbase continues to increase listing coverage on a daily basis by partnering with customer focused dealerships. Many dealerships also seek a new marketplace experience due to the recent price gouging from traditional marketplace and dealer website providers. Driverbase is focused on delivering a better car search process for both drivers and dealerships while causing deflation to wasteful advertising spend that is ultimately passed through to the car buyer.

Trust matters

Driverbase protects consumer privacy during the car search process. The apps can be used with or without creating an account. If an account is created more features are available however Driverbase will not share information with dealerships unless the shopper makes a request on a specific vehicle. Some traditional marketplaces have created trust gaps when they automatically share driver information to dealerships without permission.

Download the free car search app

Here’s how drivers describe the new mobile application:

Quick, easy, helpful! This was actually accurate and it only took 1 minute. I tried it a few times answering the questions differently and I got appropriate recommendations. I am currently looking to test drive vehicles and looking for a car with more space for our growing family so this quiz and car search will come in handy.

Deborah, Naperville Illinois

Helped me zone in on what works best for my situation. This app helped me figure out which car would work best for me.

Mike, Stamford Connecticut

Very accurate for some reason…

Brayden, Nashville Tennessee

They know me almost too well

Nicholas, Santa Monica California

Toyota 86. Funny, i would actually consider owning one…

Lance, Annapolis Maryland

The best app out there; check it out

Peter, Somerville Massachusetts

Pretty accurate. Mine came up S6 and I have always said if I had only 1 car it would be that. Try it. It’s cool.

Martin, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

It nailed me to a T.

Everett, Baltimore Maryland

All the recommendations were pretty much spot on from the app.

Darrell, Washington DC