Driverbase waives 100% of dealer listing fees indefinitely and doubles monthly advertising investment in response to COVID-19

Driverbase Partners:

We have been building our vehicle recommender and marketplace since June 2018. In 2019 we operated a dealership beta offering free listings and referrals in exchange for product feedback. On December 23rd 2019 we extended the free beta program to May 1st 2020 to allow more audience generation before transitioning to commercial release.

This week we reached out to all our customers and based on their feedback regarding business disruptions we have decided to waive 100% of listing fees indefinitely.

No action is needed as we have disabled billing for all customers that was originally planned for May 1st 2020. We will also continue paying third party inventory data fees on behalf of our customers.

We will monitor the disruption to dealership operations due to the Coronavirus and extend our free listings program to support our customers with zero cost advertising and referrals.

In addition, Driverbase will double our monthly advertising investment to accelerate audience growth.

We are excited to put our recommender based campaigns to work and allow dealers to benefit from lower user acquisition costs while offering drivers a more efficient car search experience. We expect month over month traffic increases to continue despite the reduction in overall car search volumes.

We will be in communication with our dealer advisor council in the months ahead and will not resume charges until we see conditions improve.

As an early stage venture thank you for your continued support.

Dan Jackson
CEO Driverbase

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