Personalize their shopping experience.
Maximize your return.

Driverbase Personalize is now available.  Our vehicle recommendation plugin turns your website visitors into engaged shoppers and qualified leads. “Which vehicle should I buy?” page delivers the most relevant vehicle matches to your website visitors.

Key features

  • Let your customers search all your inventory in seconds
  • Flexible style to align with your dealer website design
  • Recommendation engine will be configured to only recommend the models in your inventory
  • URL Builder enables dealers to configure deep linking from the recommendation results page to the dealership website vehicle listing or vehicle details page for any website provider

How to get started – new customers

  1. Signup to install the vehicle recommender plugin on your dealership website:
  2. After you signup Driverbase will email you for authorization to request an inventory feed order.
  3. Once an inventory feed is established Driverbase will provision a vehicle recommender for your dealership and you will receive an email with installation instructions to forward to your website provider.
  4. Driverbase will work directly with your website provider to add a “which vehicle should I buy” page to your website using this implementation guide. All major website providers now support Driverbase including Sincro, DealerInspire and Dealercom.

How to get started – current customers

  • Email if you would like to add the vehicle recommender plugin to your dealership website.

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Differentiate your online customer experience

“84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services” – IBM Services

  • deliver a personalized and consultative online experience focused on optimal vehicle instead of a product / price based sales process
  • help your customers make better car ownership decisions at scale
  • give your staff the capability to serve customers as a trusted advisor

Results that matter

“35% of’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine.” – Mckinsey

  • increase engagement with your current ad spend and existing audience by improving your current click through rates by 5X-10X
  • generate new, local, quality visitors for up to 90% less than you currently spend on user acquisition
  • our marketplace is experiencing 20%-40%+ click through rates and ~.10 user acquisition costs for campaigns directed at the vehicle recommender compared to ~$2-5 cost per click for a traditional product based campaigns
  • invest in personalization so you can reduce / halt spending on product based marketing campaigns with static landing pages, focused on price, that deliver low conversion rates. the majority of your audience is not engaging with these product based campaigns.