The tendency of a force to rotate an object around an axis. In car terms, that generally refers to how powerful a vehicle is by measuring engine output. Torque readings are taken at various engine speeds, or revolutions per minute (RPM).


Telemetric systems in automobiles provide automatic measurement capabilities, location tracking, data transmission, recording and analysis. Recent advancements in telemetrics have enabled new capabilities including usage based insurance pricing and autonomous vehicle systems.


‘Minivan’ is an American size classification that describes a vehicle with a high roof and an interior that can be changed with relative ease. Minivans often have a boxlike shape and are frequently used by those who regularly need to transport large items.


A broad term that generally refers to a larger vehicle with a closed body that has four doors and stores the vehicle’s engine, passengers, and cargo in separate compartments.


The way car companies market their models has resulted in some variations of this definition, but ‘coupe’ generally refers to a closed-body car with two doors that is smaller than the sedan version of the same model.


A convertible, also occasionally described as a cabriolet, refers to an automobile body type that can be converted from a closed-body style to an open-air mode.


A combination of the words ‘telecommunications’ and ‘informatics’ that refers to the computer and electronic technology that can be found in most modern cars.