Updated Marketing Directives – Vehicle Recommendation Engine for Car Dealership Websites

Our goal is to shift the conversation from lowest price to optimal vehicle selection starting with your dealership website. With the current inventory shortage there has never been a better time to transition your online experience from a product based sales process focused on price and discounting to a consultative sales process focused on each customers unique situation.

We recently updated our library of marketing directives for customers using our vehicle recommendation engine as a page on your dealership website or group portal. These ideas share our learnings from campaigns Driverbase has used to drive traffic to our dealers-only marketplace. We suggest starting with the branding, internal linking, organic social and seo directives prior to running paid campaigns.

Check your latest ad creative, dealer website home page and vehicle listing page.  Is it focused on price, payments, limited time OEM offers and discounting?  Our vehicle recommendation engine for dealership websites helps your customers decide which car to buy based on their unique situation and available inventory.

Whether you purchased the vehicle recommender page for your dealer website, a group portal, or just want to leverage these insights to drive traffic using an existing page on your site we encourage you to review the latest updates here:

The updated guide includes ideas and examples for:
– Branding (Name & Positioning)
– Creative (Images & Video)
– Website (Internal Linking)
– SEO (Name, Header & other on page seo examples)
– SEM (Download sample keyword library)
– Display (Example Campaign)
– Social (Organic & Paid Examples)
– CRM (Download Email Template)
– Sales & BDC (Download Email Template)
– Radio & TV (Example Promotion)

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a call. Driverbase now supports all major dealer website platforms and our team is available to work directly with your provider to implement these marketing initiatives.