Driverbase Introduces Patent Pending Vehicle Recommendation Engine for Car Dealer Websites

Help your website visitors skip the car search and find their optimal vehicle

“They know me almost too well” – Nicholas, Santa Monica California

Driverbase Personalize allows your dealership customers to set their preferences, rate a current vehicle and get personalized vehicle model recommendations based on their unique situation.

Differentiate your online customer experience

“84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services” – IBM Services

  • deliver a personalized and consultative online experience focused on optimal vehicle instead of a product / price based sales process
  • help your customers make better car ownership decisions at scale
  • give your staff the capability to serve customers as a trusted advisor

Results that matter

“35% of’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine.” – Mckinsey

  • increase engagement with your current ad spend and existing audience by improving your current click through rates by 5X-10X
  • generate new, local, quality visitors for up to 90% less than you currently spend on user acquisition
  • our marketplace is experiencing 20%-40%+ click through rates and ~.10 user acquisition costs for campaigns directed at the vehicle recommender compared to ~$2-5 cost per click for a traditional product based campaigns
  • invest in personalization so you can reduce / halt spending on product based marketing campaigns with static landing pages, focused on price, that deliver low conversion rates. the majority of your audience is not engaging with these product based campaigns.

Driverbase Personalize delivers a unique, time saving car search experience that we believe will become the most powerful page on your dealership website for your website visitors as well as your sales and marketing teams.

Current offer and availability

  • Starting at $250/mo for group portals (price based on number of locations)
  • $100/mo for individual dealership websites

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Driverbase Marketplace (recommends all vehicles, all organizations)

Dealership group (only recommends vehicles in inventory, multiple stores)

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Easy Installation

  • flexible style to align your dealer website design
  • recommendation engine will be configured to only recommend the models in your inventory

Supported website vendors

  • Driverbase now supports integration with all major dealership website providers
  • please note some vendors may charge you and/or driverbase installation fees
  • Driverbase does not charge setup or installation fees for any of our products