Driverbase Update – Core Recommendation Engine, Vehicle Recommender for Dealership Websites, Priority Marketplace Listings and Deep Linking Support – Release v.4612

In this latest release we implemented many new features and improvements based on your feedback.

See below for details and links to try out the new features.

Current Offers for Existing Driverbase Customers
– Priority Marketplace Listings @ $100/mo
– Vehicle Recommender Plugin for Dealer Websites @ $100/mo
– Vehicle Recommender Plugin for Dealer Group Portals @ $250/mo + $50/mo per location

Release v.4612

Core Vehicle Recommendation Engine
– Search again feature on recommendation results page now saves previous search preferences and current vehicle information making it easier to conduct multiple searches with different criteria.
– Additional tests to ensure service quality and our commitment to test-driven development.
– Updates to the core vehicle recommendation engine to improve recommendation accuracy
– Improved body style filtering

Vehicle Recommender Plugin for Dealer Websites
– Dealership website plugin configured to recommend vehicles in inventory:
– Dealership group portal plugin aggregates inventory from all locations:
– Dealership website integration completed with all major website providers including Dealer Inspire, Sincro and
– URL Builder enables dealers to configure deep linking from the recommendation results page to the dealership website vehicle listing or vehicle details page for any website provider
– Dealer Reports section updated to provide transparency into your website visitors utilization of the vehicle recommender plugin.

Dealer Console
– Automated monthly audience audit statements
– Support for multiple ADF lead routing destination addresses
– ADF lead automation improvements
– Advanced configuration options for vehicle recommender plugin
– Fixed layout issue on tablet screen sizes
– Login to utilize these new features:

– New Priority Listings service allows dealerships to rank their listings ahead of other dealers in their market area
– Support for deep linking from vehicle listing to dealership website vehicle details page
– Structural and on page SEO updates
– Various usability improvements

Vehicle Graph
– Support for 2021 model year vehicles
– Increased vehicle data processing performance
– Improved vehicle rating classification

Current dealership customers
– Email if you would like to upgrade your marketplace listings to Priority or add the vehicle recommender plugin to your dealership website.

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Personalize Implementation



Driverbase has developed and trained a vehicle model recommendation engine and is now making this technology available as a plugin for car dealership websites.


This new online experience helps drivers quickly find their optimal vehicle and provides dealers a new way to engage with their online consumers using a personalized approach instead of the traditional online car search experience which involves over 900+ online touchpoints.

Standard Installation Instructions

How to Activate Driverbase Personalize [completed by dealership]

Login to your Driverbase Dealer Console account, click “Subscriptions” and add “Driverbase Personalize” to the locations you wish to activate.

Recommender Plugin Provisioned [completed by driverbase]

Once an inventory feed is established driverbase will provision the recommender plugin and share the live url with the dealership and web provider for implementation.

Branding [decided by the dealership]

Dealership decides how to brand the vehicle recommender page:

“What car should I buy?”, “Which car should i buy?”, “Find your perfect match”, “Find your match”, “Car Quiz” or similar.

Plugin Installation Instructions [completed by website provider]

  1. Create a new page on dealership website (page name provided by dealership)
  2. Paste the html snippet below on the new page you created. Note your DriverbaseID can be found in your Dealer Console account under “Recommender Settings”.
  3. Add a link to your top level navigation so users can locate the page.

Individual Dealership Website

Code for installing recommender on an individual dealer website. Recommendation results include vehicles from this single location.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="3500" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" onload="parent.scrollTo(0,0);"> </iframe>

Dealership Group Portal

Code for installing recommender on your dealer group portal. Recommendation results include vehicles from all your locations.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="3500" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" onload="parent.scrollTo(0,0);"> </iframe>

Additional Information


  • flexible style to align your dealer website design
  • recommendation engine will be configured to only recommend the models in your inventory

Supported website vendors

  • Driverbase is approved to integrate with all major website providers including Dealer Inspire, Sincro, etc.
  • Driverbase is willing to support integrations with all website vendors large and small
  • please note some vendors may charge you and/or driverbase installation fees
  • Driverbase does not charge setup or installation fees for any of our products

Additional links to your vehicle recommender page

After initial implementation and testing consider adding links to feature the recommender on your home page, vehicle listing page header and vehicle details page.

Campaign Support

Contact Driverbase for assistance configuring campaigns directed at your vehicle recommender:

Advanced Implementation: Dynamically set iframe height

Option 1: Automatically set iframe height to content using CSS

Option 2: Automatically set iframe height to content using Javascript

  function resizeIframe(obj) { = obj.contentWindow.document.documentElement.scrollHeight + 'px';

<iframe src="..." frameborder="0" scrolling="no" onload="resizeIframe(this)" />

Why? By dynamically setting the height of the iframe you will be able to:
1. set the iframe parameter scrolling=”no” (prevents the need for scrollbars on certain resolutions)
2. remove the iframe parameter height=”X” (prevents white space between iframe contents and dealership website footer area)

More information regarding cross-domain iframe resizing

Driverbase Introduces Patent Pending Vehicle Recommendation Engine for Car Dealer Websites

Help your website visitors skip the car search and find their optimal vehicle

“They know me almost too well” – Nicholas, Santa Monica California

Driverbase Personalize allows your dealership customers to set their preferences, rate a current vehicle and get personalized vehicle model recommendations based on their unique situation.

Differentiate your online customer experience

“84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services” – IBM Services

  • deliver a personalized and consultative online experience focused on optimal vehicle instead of a product / price based sales process
  • help your customers make better car ownership decisions at scale
  • give your staff the capability to serve customers as a trusted advisor

Results that matter

“35% of’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine.” – Mckinsey

  • increase engagement with your current ad spend and existing audience by improving your current click through rates by 5X-10X
  • generate new, local, quality visitors for up to 90% less than you currently spend on user acquisition
  • our marketplace is experiencing 20%-40%+ click through rates and ~.10 user acquisition costs for campaigns directed at the vehicle recommender compared to ~$2-5 cost per click for a traditional product based campaigns
  • invest in personalization so you can reduce / halt spending on product based marketing campaigns with static landing pages, focused on price, that deliver low conversion rates. the majority of your audience is not engaging with these product based campaigns.

Driverbase Personalize delivers a unique, time saving car search experience that we believe will become the most powerful page on your dealership website for your website visitors as well as your sales and marketing teams.

Current offer and availability

  • Starting at $250/mo for group portals (price based on number of locations)
  • $100/mo for individual dealership websites

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Current dealership customers
Email if you would like to add the Vehicle Recommender Plugin for Dealer Websites to your account.

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Driverbase Marketplace (recommends all vehicles, all organizations)

Dealership group (only recommends vehicles in inventory, multiple stores)

Individual dealership (only recommends vehicles in inventory, single franchise)

Easy Installation

  • flexible style to align your dealer website design
  • recommendation engine will be configured to only recommend the models in your inventory

Supported website vendors

  • Driverbase now supports integration with all major dealership website providers
  • please note some vendors may charge you and/or driverbase installation fees
  • Driverbase does not charge setup or installation fees for any of our products

Driverbase integrates with Auction123 inventory management and offers dealers free listings and referrals

9,000+ Auction123 customers get access to free inventory listings and referrals on Driverbase throughout the beta.


Driverbase provides drivers with personalized vehicle recommendations and connects them to local dealership inventory. Dealers using Auction123 are invited to join the Driverbase Dealership Beta.

Driverbase has developed a patent pending personalized vehicle recommendation system for drivers and today’s announcement accelerates the integration of dealership vehicle listings with Driverbase vehicle class recommendations.

The car search experience is getting more difficult

Car-buying journeys now include “900 digital touch-points in a 3 month period with 71% on mobile” according to a recent Google study. Drivers are owning vehicles for longer and prices are increasing so choosing the optimal vehicle is even more important.  The vehicle market has become more complex and fragmented with model lineup changes, new propulsion types, and autonomous driving technologies.

Why list inventory on Driverbase?

Driverbase is a free service that connects driver data, driving routes, and current vehicles to provide personalized vehicle recommendations in real time. Driverbase helps drivers discover the car that will maximize their ownership experience based on their unique situation.

  1. Mobile & SEO Optimized Marketplace inventory listings
  2. Mobile & SEO Optimized Dealer Profile listing in Dealer Locator
  3. Provide consumers with personalized vehicle recommendations based on their unique situation to help reduce the current (and expensive) 900+ touchpoints per car search
  4. Focus on optimal vehicle not “lowest price”
  5. Prominent dealer website deep links on VDP to encourage consumers to book direct with your dealership vs. submitting ADF leads on Driverbase
  6. Inventory included in vehicle recommendation engine that matches drivers w/ their optimal vehicle
  7. Full transparency (you can download your raw weblog file including sessions from all Profile / VDP / VLP visits).  One example use case is that you could import this audience data into your Google 360 Marketing Attribution system for independent analysis
  8. We respect dealerships and will never undermine your credibility in our consumer advertising.  Our goal is to be the most customer friendly marketplace available for both drivers and dealerships
  9. Free Dealer Beta Listings. As a member of the dealer beta you can list all your stores inventory for free throughout the beta program.
  10. Support new ventures working to fill the innovation void in automotive

Open a free Dealer Console account, claim your store(s), list your inventory, get ADF lead and dealer website referrals and monitor your audience with full transparency

About Auction123

Founded in 2001, Auction123, is the leading provider of website development, inventory management and online marketing solutions for dealerships of all categories including Automotive, RV & Camper, Powersports, Motorcycle, Marine, Commercial Truck and Aircraft.

About Driverbase Inc.

Founded in 2018, Driverbase Inc. is an independent, data-driven car search platform. Our mission is to deliver a better car search experience. Driverbase has compiled vehicle information and implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to calculate the optimal vehicle recommendations for every driver.

Driverbase adds InstantLaunch experience to Dealer Console powered by new integration with Google My Business

  • Dealers can leverage their business information and creative from Google My Business on Driverbase
  • New dealership customers launch the same day an inventory feed is received
  • Current customers account information and creative automatically updated in Dealer Console
  • The new Google integration is now available as a free service for Driverbase customers

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